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No, really. The Catalina Sky Survey needs help to spot asteroids in the Solar System. They have a multitude of sky images, and flipping back and forth between them you'll be able to spot asteroids moving against the background of stars. And if they're headed this way, you may have given the human race the early warning it needs to survive. Have a go online.

ATTDT is your unique local guide to things to do, see, visit and explore near you. From arts and culture to events and entertainment, we've got today covered. Right here. Right now.


"There's nothing on today..." ... "If only there were things to do near me..." ... Sound familiar? Then you need ATTDT.

Welcome to ATTDT Today: the ultimate curated guide to the best of what to do today. From free to cheap to boutique, wherever you are, ATTDT specialises in selecting handpicked things to do for you that are specifically on and open today. Look at the idea above for something to do today, reload the page for a fresh suggestion, or change the day to start planning your week. Find out more....

“I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom”
Thomas Carlyle