What's all this then?
A Thing To Do Today gives you... you'll never guess...

Go on.
… a thing to do today. That simple.

But what if I want THINGS to do?
Easy. To get more things to do, click on the pink button under the suggestion (or reload the page) to get more ideas.

Aren't these just generic suggestions of what to do?
No. A Thing To Do Today is different from other tourism or listings websites - instead of giving you suggestions for things that look great but aren't on or open at the moment, it gives you things you should actually be able to do today. And the site is dynamic: the suggestions featured change every day.

So the things you feature will be on/open today?
That's the idea! We can't absolutely guarantee it - while we try our best to only list things that are on, events are occasionally rescheduled or cancelled. There's a link with each suggestion which gives more information, and we'd advise you to check with the organisers (usually via that link) before travelling.

Will the suggestions on A Thing To Do Today be available tomorrow too?
They might be, but to check you'll want A Thing To Do Tomorrow instead: AThingToDoTomorrow.com.

How much do these things cost?
It varies - each thing tells you the adult price to give you some idea (to the best of our knowledge - check with the organisers for full details of prices). If you specifically want free things, check out free.AThingToDoToday.com instead.

How do I book for these things?
We particularly try to feature things you don't need to book for. Very occasionally you will have to, for example on the official website which we provide a link to, but we'd only list these things if there was a very good chance there'd still be space available.

Why does the site say 'Location detected' somewhere a long way away?
The location detector uses your IP address to work out where you are, and it's not perfect. Enter your location in the 'Change city/town' box at the top of the screen to get more accurate results.

I've put in my city, so why am I getting suggestions for things in a city 5 miles away?
Because we wouldn't want you to miss out! A Thing To Do Today looks for the best suggestions it can find in your local area.

I've spotted something wrong/a link that doesn't work.
Oops! Sorry 'bout that. Email errors@AThingToDoToday.com and we'll take a look.

How can I send you things to do?
Email submit@AThingToDoToday.com - we'd love to hear from you. The site is curated, and we can't list everything, so please don't be disappointed if your suggestion doesn't appear. We prioritise regular events - happening on the same day each week/month/year, for example - so please let us know how regular your event is and when it happens when telling us about it.

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